Inanna’s grief over the death of her husband Dumuzi is heartfelt. As a fertility goddess and a warrior, her love for him was fierce and sexual – their sacred union made the land of Sumer fruitful. She will miss his…
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Even under torture, Dumuzi’s sister Geshtinanna refused to betray his whereabouts to the demons of the Underworld. But Dumuzi’s friend accepted the demons’ bribes and told them to look among the grasses of Sumer. But, he hedged, “I do not…
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A Sister’s Sacrifice


In my previous post, we left Inanna’s husband Dumuzi and his sister Geshtinanna sitting by a river with a sympathetic friend. As the three of them grieved over Dumuzi’s dream – a dream that foretold his death – Dumuzi happened…
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Dumuzi’s Dream


“A myth is a story about the way things never were but always are.” -Thomas Mann If a myth is a collective dream full of impossible happenings, Dumuzi’s dream is a dream within a dream – a personal dream full…
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The First Gate


When Inanna arrives in the Underworld, her sister Ereshkegal orders all seven gates to be bolted. She then instructs the gatekeeper to open them one by one, each one no more than crack, to let Inanna through. “As she enters,…
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