Searching for a Sister Lost at Sea

A Note From Christine:

After my father died in 1996, my mother gave me an old folder that held notes from his search. Phone numbers scribbled on the backs of envelopes. Lists of names on yellow lined paper. Telegrams to Tonga and New Zealand. My mother also gave me all the letters Mercy had written to her during her trip. Once I had deciphered the cramped handwriting, I realized she had been sending our mother an intimate journal of her own fears and hopes. So – a daunting abundance of material and a heart-breaking puzzle. How to sort it out? I lost count of my drafts. I also lost count of rejections from literary agents. In the end, I decided to self-publish in an album format that contains family photos, Mercy’s artwork, her letters and ocean maps – all woven through a narrative of my own search for answers.

303 pages; 102 illustrations; paperbound $29.50 plus $5.00 mailing in US